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A Selection Of Thought-Provoking Topic Ideas For Argumentative Essays

Given the right amount of drive and incentive, many students would thrive at this type of task and subsequent study if they only initially learned the basics regarding the construction of these types of assignments. Make sure you do the required research into each topic before you attempt any simply because there are numerous areas where you could blotch the entire essay.

Please be advised that these topics may reflect some of the topics that may be issued by teachers so be wary not to do the exact thing you did while practicing. One of the many skills that this exercise teaches an individual to do is research for every title may require tremendous amounts. Please enjoy these essay selections and have fun learning.

  1. The disposal and processing of most nations garbage is seriously handicapped and is in dire need of reform. State if there are any new technologies that exist that can remedy this.

  2. Talk about deforestation and its effects both on nature and on economics. Discuss also any solutions or unique methods corporations are dealing with these issues.

  3. Scientists say that our carbon footprint is rather large and obtrusive. Explain what exactly is this carbon footprint and touch on currently trending solutions.

  4. Do some heavy research to find out the reasons medical scientists have claimed that American obesity is a growing trend.

  5. Is it alright if the practice of creating and maintaining a compost heap dies a little with each new generation? State why if you object.

  6. Many people have their opinions on the issue of health when there’s a discussion involving vegan and vegetarian. Clarify these points in your essay.

  7. Update your readers on the issue of fracking and how it affects their everyday life. Explain what is fracking as well.

  8. Nuclear energy can be quite easily be seen as the most logical step toward fighting the global issue if providing electrical energy to all. Write a paper on the potential risks that the technology may impose on a population.

  9. Does it have to be solely the schools’ responsibility to remind their students to practice using reusable containers and packaging instead of the disposable ones.

  10. Prepare an article on the already implemented techniques that most nations use to deal with their nuclear waste.

  11. Japan is probably the most earthquake prepared country in the world and yet that fact does not help in any way to lessen the damages the subsequent tsunami causes.