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Narrative Essay – Definition And Ways Of Creating One

Most of the students, starting from the primary school level, have been asked to compose a narrative essay. This means that they will encounter this type of writing in most of their examinations and assignments and therefore, those who do not have the appropriate clues on how to craft one should simply focus on the following information:

  • Start by giving the ending of the story
  • One of the most interesting narrative essays do not necessarily start from the beginning. The author gives you the ending before the beginning. This leaves most of the readers in dilemma and therefore, they are drawn in to read the rest of the information. However, the beauty of this type of writing depends on the grammar you employ. It should be simple. Avert from using very complicated words that do not fit in the context. This way, every reader will be able to comprehend every bit of the narration.

  • Starting from the middle
  • Apart from starting from the beginning or by giving the ending, some of the most prolific writers start from the middle. Similarly, this makes the story very catchy such that anyone would want to read through it. When you choose to use this method, you must give introduce the problem at its peak such that the reader will be curious to know how it all started and more so, how a solution will be arrived at. Adhere to using interesting vocabulary that matches our audience. You should also employ humor and other things that make the story enchanting.

  • Starting from the beginning
  • This is one of the most common methods that most people use. It involves developing a certain problem, bringing it to the peak and showing some of the means to get solutions. Finally, a solution has to be found. However, some authors prefer leaving the reader in dilemma since they do not give a specific solution to the problem. The reader is left to decide how the story ends. This is a good method since it engages the audience to participate actively.

  • Narration of a fantasy story
  • At times, talking all about your most interesting day or the dreams you will never forget normally becomes boring as most of other students are as well talking about the same thing. To stay unique, you can narrate a fantasy story that never existed. Make sure you fit it in the question you have been given.