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Things To Write In A Teenage Pregnancy Persuasive Essay

Teenage pregnancy is a serious concern in most countries and is not a matter to be taken lightly. Most schools, churches and government institutions have many measures in place to try to curb and deal with this occurrence, however, it remains a very difficult issue to get on top of. As such, there are many avenues one could take when writing a persuasive essay on this topic.

Persuasive essays are simple enough and their goal is clear, the author must do their best to convince the readers of a particular point of view, usual on held by the author them self. To do this, various literary tools and tricks are used, tricks that you yourself should become familiar with. The following points will consider several topics that could be included in a persuasive essay about teenage pregnancy:

  1. Who is the real victim
  2. In many cases, the young girl, despite her age, is well aware of the situation and was part of the decision making process, in most cases, however, this is not the circumstance. Still, it must be considered that even if the parents are consenting, the victim may be the unborn child, likely to be born into a broken home.

  3. The effects of this pregnancy on society
  4. What impact will this pregnancy have on society, you could find this information by conducting a little research on the lives of persons born from this type of arrangement. Whatever this person has grown to be, using many different cases, can be used as a gauge on the effects these births can have on society.

  5. The main causes of this incident
  6. What can be blamed for this occurrence in our societies? There are many situation and influences that present themselves to teenagers, how can we better understand these circumstance to come to a better understanding of the reason behind most teen pregnancy occurrences?

  7. What role parents have and should play in this situation
  8. Parents are, no doubt, a significant factor in the life of a teenager. Is there any evidence to indicate that parents can affect the incidents of teen pregnancies? How can this data be gathered and how reliable will any information obtained on this angle be?

  9. Should teens be allowed to choose for themselves.
  10. What measures can society employ to make this occurrence as harmless to all parties considered. At what age should persons be allowed to decide their sexual practices on their own?