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Looking for a Relevant Research Paper Outline Sample in APA Format

There are various writing styles but the most popular are the APA (American Psychological Association) and the MLA (Modern Language Association). There are notable differences between these two styles but there are also many similarities. Before you begin writing any paper, you are advised to go through the instructions and take note of the required style of writing. The first step is generally the selection of topic.

  1. Selecting the topic:
    This is the most important step in writing any academic paper. You should select a topic that not only interests but also challenges you. The attitude you have on that topic will actually determine the interest you have in the research.
    The topic should not be too narrow or too wide. For the best results, you need to focus on just some limited features of the wider topic. For instance, the topic can be narrowed down from “climate change” to “climate change in Asia’ for example. The general topic of climate change means you have to focus on the entire world but when you limit the scope and research to some geographical area, it becomes narrower.
    In a nutshell, ensure the subject you select is one you can handle.
    What to avoid:
    • You should avoid the subjects which are too technical or specialized.
    • Also avoid the topics which have require research material you cannot source or find easily. If not sure, consult the instructor for advice on what is needed, before you begin the main research.
  2. Research the project:
    When gathering resources for the paper you should write down the bibliographic information as required in the research paper outline apa template. It should be written down in the format of the author, the title, the place of publication, the publisher, the date of publication, the page numbers, etc. You also need to write down or copy and paste somewhere the urls if you get it on the internet, and the date in which you accessed the webpages.
    Both MLA and APA require in text citations, mostly in the format of the author, name of the publication, and the place of publication. The exact pages of the book or journal article may also be required. Ensure you take down all these details when researching so you can easily write down the reference when compiling the bibliography or list of sources.
  3. Developing outline:
    • The next important step is developing research paper outline template apa. The main purpose of outline is that it helps the writer think through the topic and logically organize it before actual writing.
    • Check the outline and ensure there is logical flow of points, and should generally have introduction, the body and then the conclusion.
    • Important to note is that APA mostly prefers abstract while MLA style requires thesis statement.