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Quick Directions on How to Write an Introduction for a Research Paper

In order to know how to write a research paper introduction, it is important to know what it is in the first place.

  • What is the introduction?
    Put in simple words, the introduction is basically the first paragraph of a research paper. Think of it as the first thing you would say if you were to present the paper orally. In other words, it is the very first thing people and readers will experience, see or hear about the paper. A good introduction is made up of two parts; general introduction to the topic, and a thesis statement. Generally, the first sentence tells the reader more about the topic you want to discuss.
  • Why is it important?
    In the introduction, you briefly tell the reader what the paper is all about. Without it, the readers and audience will find it difficult figuring out what you want to communicate. The introduction should thus be written to ensure it gives the readers some thread of an idea, which is to be followed through the presentation or paper. In other words, the introduction should be written such that it gives the readers the start or beginning of the longer piece of thread, which they should follow throughout the paper or presentation.
  • Should you write as the first or last thing?
    Authors and writing experts differ on whether to write the introduction to a research paper as the first or last thing. However, most of them seem to recommend and agree with the idea and proposition that you should write the introduction as the last thing, after you have finished writing the project. This is important as you will be sure of what you are really introducing.
    If you write the introduction as the first thing, the project may change in the subsequent chapters, and so you will have to make some changes whenever that happens. If you decide to write introduction as the first thing, you should develop good outline and stick to it. As you proofread, ensure you keep the introduction thread consistent throughout the paper.
  • How to write:
    In writing the introduction, you should begin with few sentences which introduce the main topic to the reader. Do not give too much information in details as the introduction should generally be short. Make the sentences short but interesting.
    The length of the introduction will depend on the length or size of the paper but generally speaking, it should not be more than one page.