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Seeking Help with Formatting a Research Paper in APA Style

If you want to compose a good paper in APA style, it's reasonable to have a proofread template. You should follow it in order to avoid mistakes.

American Psychological Association format is commonly used by scholars especially in Science. Over time, it has developed to suit technological needs of the present-day world. If you are seeking APA research paper help, keep reading.

  • Order
    This is the order in which pages appear:
    1. Title page
    2. Abstract
    3. Main body
    4. References
    5. Appendices
    6. Footnotes
    7. Tables and figures
    Pages are numbered at the right corners and one inch allowed from the end of the first line. Numbering starts from the title page which carries basic information of the student: Name, institution, course title, professor’s name and date of submission. If the institution is not applicable, the state, city, and country of the writer are written down. The title page is placed at the center while double spaces allowed between the lines. The margins should be one inch on all sides of the text.
  • Writing format
    The recommended font is Times New Roman, 12-point. The entire paper is double spaced. After every comma, semi-colon, or colon, a single space is allowed but the end of a sentence is followed by two spaces. The alignment is flushed to the left and the right margin is left uneven i.e. not justified. At the top of every page should be a running head which is a brief heading that refers to the subject matter. For high school and college students, they don’t have to include running heads unless stipulated but it is a must for any document which is being prepared for publication.
  • Voice
    The modern guidelines require the use of active voice. For instance the use of I, We, and Our.
  • Citation
    If you are a student in the science department, you are most likely going to use APA research paper in text citations. The method used is author-date i.e. the name of the author is preceded by the date for in-text cites. Every research paper should have references which denote the sources of information. All bibliography information should be reflected in in-text citation; failure to which the work is considered plagiarized. The bibliography part should have a list of sources quoting the author’s name, year of publication, title of the subject, and website address where applicable.
  • Difference between tables and figures
    Tables give quantitative statistics such as weight, length, age, height, amount of money, etc. Figures can follow many forms like picture, graphs, pie-charts etc. APA.

These are the essential rules of APA format. Nevertheless, it is important to seek guidance from your examiner/ professor/ instructor before starting a paper to verify such criteria as active voice usage. This helps in scoring greater marks and prevents unnecessary revisions after submission. Do you need more illustrations on APA writing style? Visit this website.