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How Do You Organize a Research Paper in MLA Format

Your professor might require your term paper formatted in modern language association style (MLA). If the instructions say that you cite in MLA, then the whole work should follow suit.

  • Texts
    The most preferred font is the Times New Roman of standard size 12 whose regular texts differ significantly from italicized ones. The lines need not be justified and any automatic hyphenation should be switched off. The whole write-up should be double –spaced and this encompasses citation, notes, and quotations. Every first line of a paragraph is indented by 0.5’’ from the left margin. The same applies to set-off quotations. After every sentence, a single space is allowed unless instructions say otherwise.
    How to work cite a research paper in MLA format? MLA uses a simple dual system of documentation for citing. When doing in-text citations, the last name of the author as well as page number is put under parentheses. This will also be reflected in the list of references but in complete form. In-text citations are brief and precise; and should be put next to the quote followed by a full stop. Parenthetical citations must be as minimal as possible to prevent distractions especially in long papers. If the idea or quote being cited already has the author’s name, then it should not be repeated in parenthesis except the page number.
  • Example
    Let’s say Johnston is the author and you want to quote something he wrote in page 7 of his book. This is how to cite:
    Johnston denotes that capturing natural scenes is like ‘’collecting the world’’ (7).
    ‘’Capturing natural scenes is synonymous with collecting the world’’ (Johnston 7).
  • Bibliography citations
    In the list of references, the entire publication information is included e.g.
    Murrey, Johnston. Environmental Conservation: American History, 1997-2012. Berkeley: California State, 2015. Print.

If you find it difficult, you may find help from online citation generators.

  • Margins
    Research paper MLA format requires that one-inch be allowed at the top and bottom of text. This means that in a paper which is bigger than 8.5’’ X 11’’, you cannot print out texts in areas which exceed 6.5’’ X 9’’.
  • Title page
    APA papers do not require title pages. Text starts one inch after the first page top. The first information entails the name of the writer, course details, the examiner’s name, and date while the lines are double-spaced.

Before you submit your project, ensure that it adheres to these guidelines.