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7 Ingredients Of Alluring Crime Story Essay For College

Everyone loves a good and suspenseful mystery. Getting to write one of these pieces for one of your university classes can be a lot of fun. You may have to write such an essay for a criminology class or a creative writing class. Your instructor will give you specific instructions to follow as you work on this composition. You can also refer to our 7 ingredients of alluring crime story essays for college.

7 Ingredients

  1. Expect the unexpected in your piece-make sure that you have a lot of unexpected turns and twists in your crime story, you want to keep the reader in suspense and always guessing about the plot’s direction
  2. Bad guys who are good are fun to include- a ploy often used is to have a character who appears bad becomes the good guy at the end of the story
  3. Romance always makes for a good plot-a romance gone bad always make for a good read
  4. Have a side kick-many good detectives have a trusty sidekick such as Robin or Watson who help the main character to solve the murder or the robbery, you can give your main character a similar sidekick
  5. Use magic powers-if you want to add some supernatural touches to your creative composition, you could have your characters hold some special powers such as a superhero or villain in a comic book
  6. Add a creepy house, a cave with bats, an abandoned school, or a haunted mansion to the tale- a great setting with nooks and crannies will help to hook your reader, and a place with a ghost will add even more spice and intrigue
  7. Unexpected endings are very important to the story-a big twist as the crime is solved is always a great tool to use in a creative mystery tale, this can be a fun thing to give your story

Writing this type of mysterious and suspenseful piece can be fun. You can use slang, add dialogue for your characters, and use first, second, and third person if you want. There are fewer rules with this type of composition. The piece can be very informal. A great place to start with working on one of these styles of essays is to read as many of them as you can before you start to write.