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List Of 12 Good Discursive Essay Topics About Social Behaviour

Discursive essays are often challenging to write since they deal with varying viewpoints and all of them have to be included in order to get the full impact. Students often find themselves at a loss on how to include all of the perspectives in an effective manner and the stress leads them to jumble up the different facts in an incoherent manner. The trick to writing a discursive essay is to keep your primary topic in mind and then not wander off too much in a different direction. Any related ideas and concepts must be included but that should not be the focus of your work. A list of good topics is presented below connected to the topic of social behaviour.

List of topics

  1. What is the relationship between adolescent mental health and social pressure? How do they influence the overall wellbeing of the individual?
  2. Explore the topic of affluenza. How is it present in modern society and what are its impact? Understand the consequences of affluenza in connection to its socio-psychological effects and risks.
  3. How do we build on our existing notions of social psychology? Make sure you use relevant examples to highlight key principles and theories in action.
  4. What sort of factors are responsible for determining the success of programs that deal with attitude change? Can you describe the research evidence and the theoretical basis. Please include examples from a recent or current social change program.
  5. What is altruism? Do actual altruistic acts occur in society or is it just a myth? Be sure to consider the variations between altruism and prosocial behaviour, and take into account the social and psychological aspects of evolutionary theory.
  6. What do you mean by the bystander effect? Give examples in which they might occur. Is there any way for the effects to be minimised?
  7. Is the social status of a person reliant entirely on their career as well as their success? Which sort of careers are considered low status or socially unacceptable in society? Give reasons for your answer.
  8. Does extended caregiving have any kind of psychological impact on the wellbeing of the caregiver?
  9. What do you mean by charismatic leadership? How does this influence the connections between followers and leaders?
  10. What are the reasons for people having children? Do you think the act brings them happiness? Review any psychological literature connected to the subject.
  11. What are the methods for facilitating human cooperation and what sort of situations are capable of undermining this cooperation?
  12. Explore the pros and cons of cross-cultural intimate relationships.