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Essay Topics In Business Management: 10 Present Day Issues Worth Writing About

The business environment in the contemporary world is dynamic. The management must therefore effectively deal with the changing political, environmental, legal and cultural issues on a daily basis. Researching on some of these issues is critical since it aids managers to make worthwhile decisions and create outstanding strategies. As a result, their businesses can thrive regardless of the challenges. If you are requested by your tutors to present a business management research paper, you may want to consider the following topics:

  1. Ethical theories in business management
  2. Because of the civil rights movement and emphasis on transparency and accountability by governments around the world, businesses are forced to make ethical decisions on a daily basis. Investigating how managers have dealt with ethical issues is crucial.

  3. Team dynamics and effectiveness
  4. In many modern businesses, management styles have changed from the dictatorial style to a democratic style. As such, the employees are required to make contributions in business management. They are further required to show team effort. Researching on the impact of such an approach in management can be insightful for businesses.

  5. Innovation and creativity matters
  6. Being different has become important in business due to the stiff competition prevalent in the global market. Find out whether innovation and creativity is fruitful and the possible challenges or barriers.

  7. Digital strategic management
  8. As technology is being utilized by modern businesses, the management must be ready to offer leadership in the course. Investigate the benefits and challenges of digital strategic management.

  9. Women in business management
  10. Here, you can investigate the barriers in modern businesses that make it difficult for women to get positions at the top-level management.

  11. Stress, productivity and management
  12. Making profits is a major goal of many businesses. However, such goal is normally achieved at the expense of the well being of the employees. They may constantly be required to work under stressful environment for a business to make profits. As a result, their productivity levels may be wanting in the long run. A research on such an aspect will offer management ideas on how to minimize stress at the work place.

  13. Organizational learning, change, and continuity
  14. You can investigate how management in an organization can facilitate learning with the aim of bringing the necessary change and business sustainability.

  15. Management and organizational resilience
  16. Focus on how the management can continue its operations regardless of the external and internal challenges.

  17. Globalization issues
  18. A research on how a business can tap into the international market is critical in the modern world.

  19. Management dysfunction
  20. Find out how why some management strategies are irrelevant in the today’s business environment.

By focusing on the issues listed above, you will have played an important role in the business management world; you will offer managers some insights on how to create strategies that help businesses remain profitable and sustainable.